Whether upgrading, expanding, modifying or replacing an existing system, you can rely on Computel Business and Technical Specialists to find the correct and synergistic balance between efficiency, performance and cost effectiveness. From simple product recommendations to complete system designs, our specialists satisfy your present needs with an eye on the future.


As you would expect, Computel also provides on-site training for our software for many business applications, including oil change systems. Moreover, our training is tailored to accommodate learners at every level of experience.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Many businesses have preventive maintenance programs and MIS departments responsible for their computer systems. With a Computel Preventive Maintenance Program Agreement these business benefits. Each month, on site, an expert Computel Technician will check and test all hardware, including internal fans and connections, and will conduct an internal cleaning sequence. Every covered computer and/or workstation will be allocated up to 30 full minutes of preventive maintenance attention monthly! Contact Computel for a free quote and to arrange for a “better safe than sorry” Preventive Maintenance Program Agreement.