Sensitiv Imago

The Bioresonance machine Sensitiv Imago combines latest technology with incredible accuracy (up to 97%). Sensitiv Imago system is the latest noninvasive machine created to simplify diagnostics and treatment. Bioresonance is the medicine of the future, being noninvasive, reliable solution to detect changes on a cellular level in very early stage, before major pathological changes occurred… READ MORE>


Modular Integrated Software and computer systems for any Lube, Store, Wash combination. Easily control every aspect of your business with total accuracy, accountability and security. SciLube™ is an integrated lube software product that designed for Oil Change, Car Wash and Convenience Store businesses designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Totally featured Back Office, Greeting Station and Point of Sale (POS)… READ MORE>


Whether you’re running your practice with software designed for allopathic doctors, have several computers networked, or are about to buy your first office computer, you owe it to yourself, your patients and your loved ones to see how eHealthPro Practice Management Software can improve your life and your livelihood. Designed from the ground up in collaboration with naturopathic physicians, eHealthPro is the only system that understands your unique practice management problems so well… READ MORE>


Computel Data Entry Services (Out Sourcing)

We would like to introduce Computel’s new service for Medical Billing Customers. Computel specializes in Computer products and services to provide to our customers the most efficient and cost effective business Solutions. We are currently (for last 2 years) supporting a Medical Insurance Bulling Company with all data entry medical billing, including turn key setup and support.

What is out sourcing?

This is a service in which we are doing part of your billing data entry for a very cost effective price. The company saves man power without jeopardizing a Quality and Timely response.

Why to use Computel out sourcing?

We are a Computer Company with an extensive knowledge of Computer Networks, Internet services and programming. We will provide all the support your company needs. Providing Turn-Key Solution for your company will release you of all your fears, to allow you to continue providing service to your customers (without any interruptions).

You will save money.

How to Start?

Please provide us 30 minutes of your time and we will show you how you can make more money.


PC & Macintosh Hardware


From most popular brands of PC and MAC computers, to our own custom-made line of PCs, Computel always provides state-of-the-art computer systems that meet and exceed the most exacting expectations.

Why own a Computel Custom Computer?

Most popular, “stock” computers are obsolete by the time they hit the store shelves. Because our equipment is built to order and shipped directly to you, we are able to incorporate the latest, up-to-the-minute technology, and the hottest, fastest and most reliable components.
We design it. We build it. We install it. We service it. We keep it going! And, of course, our pricing is competitive. You get more bang for your buck.


Whether for stand-alone computers, network work stations, single building Local Area Networks or Wireless Local Area Networks for multi-building campuses (SciLink™), Computel goes the whole nine yards to provide all the hardware, software and service you’ll ever need!

Interested in a new system or just upgrading the one you have?

Contact Computel for a free, no obligation analysis and quote.

All Computel branded PCs and custom systems are protected by a one-year warranty. Extended warranties are also available.