PC & Macintosh Hardware


From most popular brands of PC and MAC computers, to our own custom-made line of PCs, Computel always provides state-of-the-art computer systems that meet and exceed the most exacting expectations.

Why own a Computel Custom Computer?

Most popular, "stock" computers are obsolete by the time they hit the store shelves. Because our equipment is built to order and shipped directly to you, we are able to incorporate the latest, up-to-the-minute technology, and the hottest, fastest and most reliable components.
We design it. We build it. We install it. We service it. We keep it going! And, of course, our pricing is competitive. You get more bang for your buck.


Whether for stand-alone computers, network work stations, single building Local Area Networks or Wireless Local Area Networks for multi-building campuses (SciLink), Computel goes the whole nine yards to provide all the hardware, software and service you'll ever need!

Interested in a new system or just upgrading the one you have?

Contact Computel for a free, no obligation analysis and quote.
All Computel branded PCs and custom systems are protected by a one-year warranty. Extended warranties are also available.